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nucleus2RFFJ has made a complaint to BBC today about its lack of coverage of the spiraling suicide rate among fathers.
Here is the text of the complaint, and a link to the article that provoked it:

The BBC has a routine bias against men in it’s reporting. This article states: “The ONS data revealed there were 4,552 suicides by men in 2011, more than double the number by women and the highest rate since 2002.” Elsewhere in the article, the number of female suicides is stated to be 1493, and the total number of suicides as 6045 (4552 + 1493).
On these figures, male suicides are more than 3 times the number of female suicides. Stating it as “more than double,” while being technically correct, misrepresents the significance of the gender difference in these figures.

On a broader issue, the BBC should be investigating why there is such a…

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Men's News From Brighton & Hove, England

Male offenders in the UK are being discriminated against on the grounds of their gender according to the backbench MP Phil Davies.

Speaking in a debate of female offenders in parliament this week Mr Davies said:

“There appears to be sex discrimination in the sentencing of offenders, but the people being discriminated against are men not women. Women cannot have it both ways. They cannot expect to be treated equally in everything in society except when it comes to being sentenced by the courts for the crimes that they commit.

“People may want to argue that it is reasonable for women to be given lighter sentences than men, and that it is right that fewer women are sent to prison than men. That is an argument for another day, but at least when we have these debates about sentencing for men and women let us stick to the facts as…

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Men's News From Brighton & Hove, England

The head of the UK’s leading men’s health organisations – Peter Baker, CEO of the The Men’s Health Forum (MHF) – has called for a full public debate on the issue of unnecessary male circumcision in the UK. The call was made after the case of a baby boy in Oldham bled to death following a circumcision was brought to Mr Baker’s attention by The Men’s Network.

MHF CEO Peter Baker has called for a full public debate. He said: ‘Male circumcision is often viewed as an anodyne procedure – in stark contrast to the barbarity of female circumcision – but it is actually a potentially highly dangerous practice about which we need a full public debate sooner rather than later. We cannot shy away from this any longer.’

Glen Poole, Strategic Director of The Men’s Network will now be facilitating a one day mini conference – How To Prevent Unnecessary Male…

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Men's News From Brighton & Hove, England

A UK midwife has been charged with manslaughter after a baby bled to death following a circumcision.

According to online reports from The Oldham Chronicle Grace Adeleye (66) was charged on Friday with the manslaughter of Goodluck Caubergs by gross negligence. 
The court heard the incident happened in Oldham on April 17 2010.

In the UK it is still legal to subject baby boys to the type of genital surgery that we would consider barbaric if it was performed on baby girls in the developing world. To get a better understanding of the relative severity of the different types of unnecessary genital surgery performed on girls and boys see this 5 minute YouTube clip.

Subjecting a girl living in Britain to unnecessary genital surgery – either at home or abroad – is illegal. Yet performing unnecessary genital surgery on boys is classed as a ‘consensual assault’ – just like…

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World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum.

Like my associates at Real Fathers for Justice I have been troubled by the increase in suicides by fathers facing the unrealistic constraints from the Family Law courts and the erroneous CSA!


I suspect the added burden imposed by the current financial crises may
have a bearing as does the lack of support our armed forces personnel
face upon their return from the world’s hell holes with trauma’s that
all too often go undiagnosed or even those who are spotted are either
stigmatized or left to fend for themselves when having to face what
the ‘real’ world has to offer add this to the unexpected alienation by
our so called family justice system and you have an inevitable recipe
for disaster!
Almost 18,000 Australian’s have taken their lives in the past 4 years due to pressures from the Family Court and CSA, I would imagine that figure is doubled…

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Researching Reform

Love is often viewed as an incidental to life once adulthood kicks in, something we don’t really need to survive, a luxury, a whim but in a world where love is more than just an aspiration, is this wise?

It may well be that what we call love is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions but they are reactions which make the world a special place and a world that understands the power of love is a world in which survival actually acquires meaning. And whether that meaning holds the secret to life really doesn’t matter – what matters is that affection is a conduit for the best the human condition has to offer.

So it dawned on us whilst we were reading the tweets from a foster carers agency, called Foster Care Agent, that one of the big problems in the family sector and the…

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Men's News From Brighton & Hove, England

Imagine the scenario: a mother giving birth in hospital while the father of their child speeds across town on his motorbike to see their first child enter the world. But in his excitement he loses control of his bike and is fatally wounded. The midwives are informed and draw straws on who will tell mum the good news – that her baby is healthy – the bad news that the baby’s father is dead – and the even worse news that:


Can you imagine this happening to a parent in the UK in 2012? You can’t? Well it does.

It happened in the past month to a parent in Wales whose partner died shortly after the birth of their child…

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